Reverse Dieting
Reverse dieting is a method by which I gradually increase calories through proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in order to get your metabolism functioning correctly and your hormones balanced. I monitor my client's progress and gradually increase their macronutrients and calories on a weekly basis. The goal during the reverse is to have my client's weight either remain the same or slowly decline as I am gradually increasing their caloric/macronutrient intake. By doing this, I am able to get my clients eating impressive amounts of food without seeing any spikes in weight, which also helps to increase their resting metabolic rate. My clients see an increase in energy as their metabolism is being repaired during this phase and their hormones are getting balanced. This portion of the program also focuses on educating my clients on nutrition while also helping them to repair their relationship with their bodies and food.
The Cut
After the reverse and once the client's metabolism is functioning correctly, we can then begin the "cutting" process. At this point in the program I will then adjust my client's calories and macronutrients so that they are in a caloric deficit. This allows my clients to burn fat and lose weight, if these are the goals they are working towards. Due to the fact that the cut comes after the metabolism is already restored, this results in sustainable weight loss. No more yo-yo dieting! We are able to repeat the cut and reverse process until the client has achieved the results she is looking for.

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